Help wanted: need 3 graphic assets for upcoming JuliaCon talk

Hello, world! :slight_smile:

After lots of discussion about my JuliaCon Local 2023 talk, I’ll give a follow-up talk at JuliaCon 2024.

For this, I want to include three specific graphics that I’ve got in mind. My problem is: I really suck at drawing. I’ve tried creating it with the usual generative AI suspects, but so far, I’m not satisfied with the results.

I’m wondering whether there is someone in the community who’d be interested in helping me out. The AI generated images I’ve got can serve as inspiration. In the end, I’ll require vector graphics, but any format (including simply an image of a paper drawing) would suffice. I would assume that for someone good with drawing, this shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes in total, but … you know … I really suck at drawing, so YMMV.

If you’d be willing to help, please reach out. Either here or via email.

Kind wishes,

You may be interested in GitHub - JuliaGraphics/Luxor.jl: Simple drawings using vector graphics; Cairo "for tourists!" . @cormullion may be able help… as I try to beat him to first reply.


Always happy to help! I find a github issue is quite a good way to develop things:


ha :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions so far. Good to know about Luxor.jl, but I’m not so much looking for technical, but really more artistic support.

@cormullion Thanks for your offer :heart: Two questions, though:

  • If I’d open an issue, wouldn’t everybody see what we’re up to? I’m wondering whether I would spoil the surprise if I design the material open access.
  • Your portfolio looks very impressive! In particular for technical and futuristic designs. However, how confident are you when designing something from the animal kingdom? :innocent:

Indeed, it’s not really my thing - the nearest I get is spherical cows…

I’ve never tried services like so I wouldn’t be able to recommend (or otherwise) it.

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