Help to build shared library Using PackageCompiler.jl

Hi guys!

I need help. I want to build a shared library (.dylib, .dll) so that I can send it with my code to be loaded by another ground in a C++ software. I know that I can use PackageCompiler.jl to build a shared library. However, I could not figured out how to load and use the functions inside the library in the C++ software. Can anyone help me?

EDIT: Just to make some things clear, what I want is to create a library so that people can linking against it without needing to install Julia. Something the bundles everything.

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Bump! :slight_smile: Can anyone give me some tips here… I am kind of stuck. Maybe it is not possible at all.

I don’t really know much, but I think the purpose of PackageCompiler is not to build a linkable library, just a sysimg to use with Julia itself, no?

AFAIK, I can generate stand alone binaries of code linked against Julia’s libraries. What I want is to produce a library with everything, including my code, inside so that the user can link a software against it without needing to get any external file.

I understand. I don’t know the answer, but would also be interested to know.


I had also difficulties using PackageCompiler to link against .so generated so (!)
I just put at a small commented test.

Hope it can be useful