Help! Plots not loading

You likely need to load ImplicitEquations, which defines \Equal[tab].

As for what to make greater, presumably your 0.1, but it is your exploration, so I’ll defer. But this choice creates a graphic:

using ModelingToolkit
using Plots
using ImplicitEquations
@variables x y;
f(x,y)= sqrt((x^2+144)+(y^2+144))
 let ex = Differential(x)(f(x, y))
           func_ex = build_function(expand_derivatives(ex), x, y)
           @eval ∂xf(x, y) = ($func_ex)(x,y)

using Plots
using ImplicitEquations
plot(∂xf ⩵ 0.1, xlims=(-10, 100), ylims=(-100, 100))
plot!(f ⩵ 20, xlims=(-10, 100), ylims=(-100, 100))

i have this problem too! i cant add Plots! please help me!

I have a problem to add Plots Pkg. please help me!

julia> Pkg.add(“Plots”)
Updating registry at C:\Users\HP\.julia\registries\General
Updating registry at C:\Users\HP\.julia\registries\JuliaComputingRegistry
Resolving package versions…
No Changes to C:\Users\HP\.julia\environments\JuliaPro_v1.5.3-1\Project.toml
No Changes to C:\Users\HP\.julia\environments\JuliaPro_v1.5.3-1\Manifest.toml

when i write using Plots. i have this error

[ Info: Precompiling Plots [91a5bcdd-55d7-5caf-9e0b-520d859cae80]
Your GR installation is incomplete. Rerun build step for GR package.
ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: InitError: Evaluation into the closed module GR breaks incremental compilation because the side effects will not be permanent. This is likely due to some other module mutating GR with eval during precompilation - don’t do this.
[1] eval at .\boot.jl:331 [inlined]
[2] init() at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\GR\RlE5Y\src\GR.jl:274
[3] _include_from_serialized(::String, ::Array{Any,1}) at .\loading.jl:697
[4] _require_search_from_serialized(::Base.PkgId, ::String) at .\loading.jl:782
[5] _require(::Base.PkgId) at .\loading.jl:1007
[6] require(::Base.PkgId) at .\loading.jl:928
[7] require(::Module, ::Symbol) at .\loading.jl:923
[8] include(::Function, ::Module, ::String) at .\Base.jl:380
[9] include at .\Base.jl:368 [inlined]
[10] include(::String) at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\Plots.jl:1
[11] top-level scope at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\Plots.jl:212
[12] include(::Function, ::Module, ::String) at .\Base.jl:380
[13] include(::Module, ::String) at .\Base.jl:368
[14] top-level scope at none:2
[15] eval at .\boot.jl:331 [inlined]
[16] eval(::Expr) at .\client.jl:467
[17] top-level scope at .\none:3
during initialization of module GR
in expression starting at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\backends\gr.jl:6
in expression starting at C:\Users\HP.julia\packages\Plots\lmp2A\src\Plots.jl:212

Can you run import Pkg;"GR")


I had the same issue, after updating to the latests version of Plots, and that fixed it, but I still can’t get things to load in Pluto.

thanks my friend i do it

I had the same issue and build GR command won’t fix it.
Here is how i did fix it:
goto ~.julia\compiled\v1.6\GR
delete everything in there
run the build command again