Help me with using GtkPaned in Gtk.jl


OS = Ubuntu 18.04
Julia version = 1.8.5

I looked at the Gtk.jl web site, but could not discern how to resolve the ‘ERROR: LoadError: MethodError(GtkPanedLeaf, (0, 200), 0xffffffffffffffff)’. Using Google, I couldn’t find any better reference than the Gtk.jl web site. I know the GtkPaned function parameters are the problem, but after trying many variations the resolution eludes me. I’m trying to have 3 or more panes in a window where the pane borders can be moved with mouse. These have been called ‘splitter windows’ in PyQt. Can someone see how to fix this?
Here is the code that produces the error:
‘’’ using Gtk

win = Gtk.Window(“Example”)

paned = Gtk.Paned(Gtk.GtkOrientation.HORIZONTAL, 200)

child1 = Gtk.Label(“child 1”)

child2 = Gtk.Label(“child 2”)





I am new in Julia. So, VSCode, Gtk4…

using Gtk4
win = GtkWindow(“GtkPaned”)

paned = GtkPaned(:h) # :h horizontal, :v vertical

paned[1] = GtkLabel(“a1”)

paned[2] = GtkLabel(“a2”)

push!(win, paned)