Help me in julia plots

how could I make a heatmap in julia ?

using Plots

I also love using Plotly. Here is the documentation for using Heatmaps in Julia with the Plotly backend: Heatmaps in Julia

thank you sir for your help but I did that and it didn’t work jupyter said that
“UndefVarError: heatmap not defined”

Thank you sir for your help but In my jupyter notebook it doesn’t work

import Plots

@Lamis_Njeh please post your output as text in codeblocks, sending information over pictures is not good practice as if other people have the same issue, they cannot Ctrl-F through it.

We’ll need to know more about your system, because

using Plots


I would have asked what df is, but since you’re getting a not defined error something is wrong with your Plots package. Could you please tell us the output of using Pkg; Pkg.status("Plots")?

Looking at the No changes line in his output, I’m guessing the package didn’t install correctly. At this point, I’d probably recreate my local julia env, by deleting the Manifest and Project tomls.

thank you for your attention
df is a dataset
but sir I did the same but it still an error In jupyter
but in atom it works

Does it work if you put the using and the heatmap in differnt blocks in jupyter? Dont use jupyter much, but think I have seen something like that before.

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No changes is normal output if there is already an installation. But if something is holding back the version of Plots to a version before heatmap (which is very long ago by my memory), this would happen. That’s why I want the status output.

Good shout. I don’t know jupyter either, but that would explain it.

have you a solution to apply julia in data science ? It clear that the problem is in jupyter but I don’t have other solution for my projects in Machinne Learning

My guess was that the problem might just be that you try to import a package and use functions from it in the same block, and this somehow becomes problematic from the whole block being parsed as one or something.

So if this helped you can probably avoid similar problems by just putting imports in separate blocks from where you use functionality from them.

yeah that explain a lot
can I ask you what do you use in julia Programming language IDE as well as notebook

you were right thank you

I mostly use vim+the repl. For things I want to present to people, I might take to Pluto (I prefer the evaluation order in Neptune, but it’s a lot less polished)

thank you so mush sir