Help me find a post

I was reading an interesting thread last week and I was thinking I should come back and research topics raised in it. However I didn’t get a chance to do this until today and now I can’t find the thread. And to make it worse I only have a vague recollection what it was about. Does anyone recognize and can point me to this thread?

The first post was someone talking about (I think a GSS) statistics package. In the follow up post another person listed off like 10 statistical methods that were related, of which I only recognized two. I wanted to go back and research the ones I didn’t recognize so I would like to find this topic. I am hoping by posting this either the poster or the person who listed a ton of statistical methods can point me to it!

Perhaps look under the stats domain: Statistics - JuliaLang

Perhaps it was: Is there a GLMM package?


That is exactly the post I was looking for. Thanks.