Help for Base.invokelatest may be broken

I am not sure whether this is a documentation error.

Help for Base.invokelatest works, but throws error for just invokelatest!

help?> invokelatest

Couldn't find invokelatest
Perhaps you meant invoke
  No documentation found.

  Binding invokelatest does not exist.

help?> Base.invokelatest
  invokelatest(f, args...)

  Calls f(args...), but guarantees that the most recent method of f will be
  executed. This is useful in specialized circumstances, e.g. long-running
  event loops or callback functions that may call obsolete versions of a
  function f. (The drawback is that invokelatest is somewhat slower than
  calling f directly, and the type of the result cannot be inferred by the


invokelatest is not exported, so this is intended.

Thanks for clarifying.