HDF5 variable length Array


I was wondering what the cleanest way to write variable length arrays to HDF5 format in Julia, using HDF5.jl.

In python this can be easily done with

create_dataset('StepNumbers', data=[], dtype=np.dtype('uint32'), maxshape=(None,))

where we write a empty array as a placeholder, and specify with maxshape that the array that will eventually be written to it, will be of unknown size. is there a similar solution within the HDF5.jl package? I tried looking into dataspaces, and calling them in the create_dataset function, i.e.

    step_numbers = create_dataset(grp_quantitiy, "StepNumbers", UInt32, dataspace=nothing)

which, at least as far as i can tell should have similar functionality, however i get thrown an invalid keyword error.

Appreciate any help, thank you!