Having a hard time visualizing LazySets.HPolyHedron & HPolytope

Q.1 what is the right way to render the following
a. HPolyhedron/HPolytope
b. Set of points (3D)

so the code below from Polyhedra docs

A = rand(HPolyhedron,dim=3)

HPoly = Polytope(constraints_list(A))
P_poly = polyhedron(HPoly)
P_poly_mesh = Mesh(P_poly)
pm = Polyhedra.Mesh(P_poly)

I’ve also tried LazySets.Plot3d but could not get it to work, eventually i would want to read a few .stl files using FileIO and build an interactive 3D view with contents from one or many .stl files

About plotting sets in 3D, I’ve used Makie + Polyhedra (that’s what LazySets.plot3d boils down to, after computing the constraint representation of the set). It is of course easier to just plot a set of points in 3D (you can use Plots). I saw your similar question in Error using LazySets.plot3d - #3 by adropintheriver and I presume the problem is related to package versions installed.