Hatched fill with Plots and GR

I am working with a grouped bar graph with plots (and statsplots for the groupedbar() type) using GR as the backend. Here is an example of the type of graph I’m working with:

using Plots
using StatsPlots
using Colors

m = 4
n = 2

data = rand(n,m)
legend = ["this" "that" "the other" "those"]
fillcolor = [:green :blue :lightgreen :lightblue]
xcats = collect(1:n)

plt = groupedbar(data, xticks=(1:n, xcats), bar_position=:stack,
        xlabel="x axis",
        ylabel="y axis",

This issue I am having is that I would like to be able to use a hatched fill on some of the stacked bars. In the example, say I would like to have hatched fill for “the other” and “those” categories, but a solid fill for “this” and “that.”

I have been reading through the plots documentation, the statsplots documentation, and the GR documentation. As best as I can tell, GR has the capability, but there isn’t an obvious plots option to get hatched fills.

Would anyone know how to do this?

Thank you.

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I was also looking for this feature! I opened a (very first-stabby) pull request on Plots.jl implementing hatched fill in GR and PyPlot.


Thanks for taking the initiative to add this feature!