Handling network plots with Julia

Hello everyone,
I currently have to plot a lot of networks for my master thesis. Since the common graph tools for networks in julia (e.g. lightgraph, gplot, graphrecipes,…) are far from being as mature as python’s networkx is I decided to import networkx via PyCall.

using PyCall
nx = pyimport("networkx")

Normally I use plots for plotting, but with Networkx I have to use PyPlot.
Is there a way to handle PyPlot figures with Plots? What I would like to do exactly is to create an animation from PyPlot figures with Plots, like:

using PyPlot
using Plots
pyplot() #change backend

#create graph and get positional information
g = nx.hexagonal_lattice_graph(3, 3)
pos = nx.get_node_attributes(g, "pos")

@gif for i in 1:100
    nodes = nx.draw_networkx_nodes(g, pos,
        node_color = [RGBA(0.0,0.0,rand(),1.0) for i in 1:nx.number_of_nodes(g)],
        cmap = PyPlot.get_cmap("twilight"),
    edges = nx.draw_networkx_edges(g, pos)
end every 10

This gives me the Error message: No current Plot/Subplot

Since I can use pyplot as backend for Plots, I thought this should be theoretically possible. Does anyone have an idea?
Another way to solve the problem would be to call PyPlot functions (like draw()) in Plots. Is that possible?