Handling fluid systems in MTK

In Modelica a fluid Connector has a medium property, see [1].
Is this possible with the existing parameter system in MTK?
As I understand it it has to be a subtype of Real, which a medium would not.

If a large fluid system is modelled it is very inconvenient to have to specify the media type for every component.

A medium might also be represented via a ODESystem with e.g temperature and so on as states, but how can I dispatch a method on it for e.g. calculating the density?

[1] Modelica.Fluid.Interfaces

I’m also interested in this feature. You can see my previous discussion here. I also opened an issue for Global parameters with ModelingToolkit, which is probably the easiest way to get there, but I think eventually there will need to be the concept of domains like SimScape has, which I’m assuming is like medium for Modelica.