Gzipped (.csv.gz) writing?


What is or will be the recommended way to write a data frame to a .csv.gz file?

(I tried GZip.open with writetable but this failed.)




Have you tried Libz or CodecZlib? Both are very much more efficient than GZip. They also use FileIO and DataStreams interfaces IIRC.


No, I have not, and I would be happy to try it. Alas, it is not clear how.

Libz tells me that it is deprecated in favor of CodecZlib. CodeZlib has practically no documentation, examples, etc. I can’t even figure out if codeczlib has its own compression format (and/or whether there are unix utility for it, too; gzip has gzcat, gzgrep, and more.)


I’ll try to post examples. I’m using both quite successfully (even though Libz says it’s deprecated). Not near my laptop right now.