I am trying to run the GtkBuilder example from Gtk.jl

using Gtk
using GtkBuilder

f=Gtk.GtkFrame(“Adding Customer”) b = b=GtkBuilder(filename=“”)
win = b[“”]

I am getting the following error
’ ArgumentError: Package GtkBuilder not found in the current path:’

Any help will greatly appreciated,
Tim Rodgers

GtkBuilder is in Gtk now.

I’m pretty sure (untested) simply removing “using GtkBuilder” should allow the code to work.

edit: I tried testing with some old code I had, unfortunately it gives me a new an exciting error, but does not error out on GtkBuilder.

When I try without the ‘using GtkBuilder’
I get this message’
UndefRefError: access to undefined reference
convert_(::Type{GObject}, ::Ptr{GObject}) at gtype.jl:303
convert at gtype.jl:296 [inlined]
object at gbox3:2602 [inlined]
getindex(::GtkBuilderLeaf, ::String) at builder.jl:45
top-level scope at untitled-1b74ebfa9369b14418c3285f1c462ba3:4
include_string(::Function, ::Module, ::String, ::String) at ading.jl:1088

Do I have the wrong version of something?
Thanks in advance,
Tim Rodgers