GRUtils - Surface color and transparency

Hi all,

I don’t figure out how to set the color of a surface as well as its transparency with GRUtils.jl. Here is a MWE:

using GRUtils

x = LinRange(0., 100., 100)
y = ones(50)

vl = LinRange(0., 1., 50)
v = repeat(vl', 100, 1)
z = repeat(ones(100), 1, 50).*v

fig = surface(y, x, z)

According to the documentation, I have tried to add to the surface functions the keywords color (using GRUtils.color) and alpha without any success.

I have also read the source code of the gr backend of Plots.jl to try find a solution Surface - GR backend - Plots.jl, but I don’t know how to use it with GRUtils.

If you have any suggestions, thank you!