Grid data with interpolation

Hi All,

I have two equidistant vectors (longitude and time) that make up a “grid” in which I want to plot velocity measurements. The velocity data points have corresponding longitudes and times, however not all of those will neccessarily be represented in the equidistant vectors, since I have more datapoints than the length of the equidistant vectors. Is there a function or package which would allow me to do this?

Thanks in advance!

If I understand your use case correctly, ScatteredInterpolation.jl should do the trick. I’ve personally used scipy.interpolate.LinearNDInterpolator via PythonCall.jl, which uses linear rather than radial basis function interpolation.

The GMT gridit is a wrapper function to the several interpolation methods in GMT+GDAL
It could have a richer manual (that’s the intention) but given that it is a wrapper function, original methods have better documentation.