GraphRecipes versus GraphPlot: why such a big performance disparity?

So, I was trying to plot some graphs and GraphPlot happened to be insufficient (I needed smaller labels than what seems to be the inferior size limit). Then I went trying to use GraphRecipes, because it seemed to have both this and other features that would be useful to me. I was surprised to notice that graphplot from GraphRecipes is very slow. Is it supposed to be used only for small graphs or something? Did I miss something crucial in my code? Here’s an example:

using LightGraphs
using Plots, GraphRecipes
using GraphPlot

bag = LightGraphs.barabasi_albert(300, 1)



graphplot(bag, curves=false)

@time gplot(bag)
@time graphplot(bag, curves=false)

where for gplot we have: 0.105031 seconds (3.47 k allocations: 203.547 KiB), for graphplot we have staggering 28.659242 seconds (1.51 G allocations: 31.108 GiB, 12.27% gc time).

What am I missing?