GraphBLAS standard in Julia

Hello guys,

I am a big fan of GraphBLAS the standard approach to graph algorithms with Linear Algebra and sparse matrices. In my research, I’m actually starting using it for cellular complexes (CAD, solid modeling, graphics, etc).

There already is a good Julia wrapping SuiteSparseGraphBLAS.jl of the Tim Davis’ GraphBLAS. This approach is taking a great momentum for huge graphs and seems to me a perfect fit for Julia. Unfortunately it cannot be used on MacOS since it is not compatible with clang, but only with GCC.

Is anyone interested to work on it and make what is needed to get more usability? A pair of my students would certainly contribute :wink:
Many thanks for your interest !!

–Alberto Paoluzzi


This may be obvious, but that’s an actively developed project. The main options to contribute are:

  • Open issues on MacOS and other features you’d like. Then, you can discuss there and help identify where your students can contribute.
  • Submit pull requests.

Thank you for your comment. This one was my first time here.

If you follow the commits you may see there was no great activity from last July.
We will follow your kind suggestions

It looks like there are commits in the last week. Plus, your input and help might jump start activity from the main author or others.

Note that GraphBLAS steering committee member Jeremy Kepner was one of the first supporters of Julia (before it was even public!), co-teaches a Julia programming course, and actively develops some Julia packages. I know he’s interested in Julia GraphBLAS since we’ve discussed it before, so you might want to have him in the loop with improvements to the Julia GraphBLAS ecosystem, and get Julia in the list of “Projects developing implementations of the GraphBLAS”.


Great suggestions!
I’m going to write to him. Thank you.

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Hey ! Probably a bit late. I wasn’t actively working on the wrapper, but I did update the binaries to use the latest version of GraphBLAS back in March. I think it works on OSX but I didn’t test it myself, although the tests on are passing.

Hi, I’m a student of @pao. I’m working on a new version of the wrapper, forked from @abhinav_mehndiratta original repo, that will be more Julian :smiley: This is the link of the repo

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Great work @gmgigi96 ! I was unable to design a good interface, but I’m glad that you’re working on it.