GR.jl Open two figures



I am using GR.jl and would like to open two figures. I also need to toggle between them in order to show changes of real-time data. In PyPlot.jl I would use figure(1) and figure(2) to switch between the figures.



Ping: @jheinen


If you are willing to use Plots.jl, the following should work:

plt = plot(title="My two figures", layout=(1,2))

# update figure 1
plot!(plt[1], rand(10), rand(10), kwargs...)

# update figure 2
histogram!(plt[2], rand(100))

# more figure 1
vline!(plt[1], [1,2,3])

I am not sure however how you can clean one of the subplots in the middle of the process. The commands with a bang (!) only append to the scene.


thanks, but Plots.jl is not an option. My package load time is already large and Plots.jl adds too much overhead.


The loading time of your package should be independent of Plots.jl if you implement the functionality with a recipe and RecipesBase.jl. I don’t know how to implement it easily though, recipes aren’t that trivial to digest.