GR error using basic plot: GKS: Rectangle definition is invalid

julia> y=[19.8, 10.0]
2-element Array{Float64,1}:

julia> plot(y)
invalid range
GKS: Rectangle definition is invalid in routine SET_WINDOW

julia> y=[10.0, 19.8]
2-element Array{Float64,1}:

julia> plot(y)

yes, that’s right, the [10.0, 19.8] plot successfully but the [19.8, 10.0] case does not.

lol. what kind of bizarro bug is that ?

Works fine for me. Which version of Julia and the corresponding packages?

Julia 1.0.1

not sure what version GR is. I just did an add and it did not update the package, so I believe I have the latest.

the web page is only showing tests-passed for 0.6 …

Let me turn that around, what versions are you using ?

I can reproduce with just using GR [28b8d3ca] GR v0.36.0 but not with Plots’ GR backend.

I suggest editing the title to make it sound less scandalising. Edit: Thank you.


Problem has just been fixed.


oops, perhaps a touch too dramatic, I certainly didn’t mean to be insulting or anything.

I just thought it really did fall into the category of, WTF ? Couldn’t figure out how a bug like that could be present, seems like there are a fair number of people using GR.

The new title is much better, but you have someone else to thank for that, not me (only because they got to it before I did).

note to self, file a bug report with the GR project next time and skip the “colorful” description.

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Sorry to bring this up again, but I upgraded to 1.0.2 and when I added GR it seems to have pulled in the version (0.36.0) with this bug.

I’ve been trying to add the version of GR which has this bug fix in it, and can’t remember how i did it.

I’ve tried using

add GR#master


add GR#4a04b74

and when I try to plot, they both have the bug.