GR 3D graphics (GR3) simple proof of life test


I have GR and Julia v1.0.1 on Windows 10 working with this example:

using GR

but when I try 3D graphics examples (slices.jl, sans.jl or julia-noise.jl), IJulia kernel hangs up. What is the simplest 3D graphics example to test that my installation is [not] working?


Does this work?

using GR


Yes, it does.


You probably have to switch from SVG to PNG (inline("png")) because your browser (Edge?) can’t handle continuous SVG frames efficiently …


I’m using Internet Explorer. Will Chrome work? Will running it from Juno change anything?


In Juno, it should work better, yes.


OK, I will try with Juno tomorrow. Adding inline("png") doesn’t help with Internet Explorer.


I tried running these examples from the REPL:

  • julia-noise.jl runs fine,
  • sans.jl runs, but the GKS QtTerm window is very shaky (its bottom and right edge moves a few pixels at each refresh)
  • slices.jl produces a blank window.

Is there a stability and completeness difference between Windows and Linux version?


I can confirm the problem with sans.jl - however slices.jl works fine on several Windows machines, even in a Parallels Windows 10 VM. I currently have no explanation for the sans.jl behaviour under Windows - seems to be specific to Qt. We have to check this …