GPU Array indexing failed when using Transformers.Basic

I was doing indexing on a GPU array using GPU index, and everything works fine, but once I import Transformers package and run it again, it gives me an error.

using CUDA

x = CuArray(1:3)

list = CuArray(1:10)

list[ x ]

using Transformers.Basic

list[ x ]

ERROR: UndefVarError: launch_configuration not defined
[1] (::Transformers.HuggingFace.var"#configurator#44"{CuArray{Int64, 1, CUDA.Mem.DeviceBuffer}})(kernel::CUDA.HostKernel{Transformers.HuggingFace.var"#kernel#43"{Int64}, Tuple{CuDeviceVector{Int64, 1}, CuDeviceVector{Int64, 1}, CuDeviceVector{Int64, 1}}})