Google Sheets



I would like to modify Google spreadsheets using Julia. The API is well documented but, sadly, without examples using Julia.

I don’t have much experience with web-based API’s and would appreciate pointers on where to start. I am reasonably familiar with JSON. Should my next step be to start digging into Requests?

I took a look at GoogleCharts and decided that I would prefer not to work with Mustache unless I need to. Similarly I looked at Jenny Bryan’s googlesheets package for R and decided not to follow that design (forgive me, Jenny).

Am I missing prior art here? For example, authentication (OAuth?) or Google Drive integration?


Working with REST API using Requests.jl should be pretty straightforward. Not sure what else to add here until you have more concrete questions.


Right now I am still struggling with authentication. All I have been able to produce to this point is

Response(403 Forbidden, 14 headers, 130 bytes in body)

The OAuth2 stuff seems a bit inscrutable.


I’m not terribly familiar with the web stack, but I do know that HTTP.jl is a superset of Requests and seems to be better maintained these days.


Thanks for the suggestion. HTTP.jl looks to be more convenient and full-featured than Requests.jl


can you please post a minimal example how to modify google spreadsheets with julia?