Global Inner functions used with remote call julia v0.6 vs v1.0

Hello, I’m trying to update some code that was working on julia v0.6 with a global inner function.

Below is the basic idea of what worked in julia 0.6.
In my case (I read image data and process it in the remote) its a bit more complicated with pointers to c objects, so I don’t actually return the variable, but write into a shared array.
When i first wrote the code, I couldn’t get the variable to work as expected as a global, so I made function calls to it. The loop basically runs until stopped by the user.

Edit: I got it working with global variables.
I would still like to know what the recommended way to do something like this is.

#using Distributed
workers()[1] == 1 && addprocs(1)

@everywhere function remoteLoop()

    a = 1

    #return something
    global function somegetter()
        println("retruning a: ", a)
        return a

    #change something
    global function somesetter()
        println("resetting a")
        a = 1
        return 0

    # someething that takes a long time
    while a < 10
        println("remote loop: ", a)
        a += 1

    return 0

#runs on worker 1
trrLoop = @async begin
    rrLoopFuture = @spawnat 2 remoteLoop()
    r = fetch(rrLoopFuture)
    println("remoteLoop finished with $(r)")

fetch( @spawnat 2 somegetter())
fetch( @spawnat 2 somesetter())