GLMakie: volume plot for nonuniform grid

After the recent Makie update the volume plots show the deprecation warning if you pass arrays as the coordinates for the axes:

import GLMakie as mak

x = y = range(-10, 10, 101)
z = range(-5, 5, 101)
F = [exp(-(xi^2 + yi^2 + zi^2) / 2^2) for xi=x, yi=y, zi=z]

fig = mak.Figure()
ax = mak.Axis3(fig[1,1])
# mak.volume!(ax, x, y, z, F)   # deprecation warning
mak.volume!(ax, (-10,10), (-10,10), (-5,5), F)   # fine
# mak.volume!(ax, -10..10, -10..10, -5..5, F)   # `..` not defined

The deprecation warning says:

Encountered an `AbstractVector` with value -10.0:0.2:10.0 on side x in `convert_arguments` for the `ImageLike` trait.
     Using an `AbstractVector` to specify one dimension of an `ImageLike` is deprecated because `ImageLike` sides always need exactly two values, start and stop.
     Use interval notation `start .. stop` or a two-element tuple `(start, stop)` instead.

What if I have a nonuniform grid? Should I manually make an interpolation before the plotting?

P.S. By the way, the interval notation proposed in the deprecation warning results in `..` not defined error.

Makie Exports .. but doesn’t of course if you only import it.
Yes, you need to manually interpolate right now, the deprecation warning could be improved, but basically we never supported irregular grids for volumes and we just took the endpoints since the API was just passing it through and we took the conversion pipeline from heatmap for volume before!

OK. Thank you.