Give feedback on a package for visualizing univariate distributions before I register it

I wanted a quick and foolproof way for visualizing univariate distributions using all three of histogram, KDE, ECDF on the same plot.

The package is here: Neven Sajko / UnivariateProbabilityDistributionVisualizationCalculation.jl · GitLab

I would in particular like feedback on:

  1. the terminology in the README (I hope I didn’t say anything wrong or confusing)

  2. Weights/multiplicities for input data: adding this concept to seemed like the obvious thing to do, but I haven’t encountered it before. Does this have a (some other) name? Are there any conceptual issues with this I should be aware of? See the README for an explanation.

  3. My functions take inverse bandwidth (1 / bandwidth) for KDE, instead of the bandwidth. I figured this would be more convenient, but I’d like more opinions on this.

EDIT: to try this out, just clone the Git repo to a local directory and then do ] add /path/to/cloned in the REPL.