Github actions StackOverflowError

I’m trying to set up a GitHub actions workflow for testing a package. While my documentation builds fine, my tests error in a way I don’t understand. I get a StackOverflowError I cannot reproduce, and which does not make sense to me, especially since the documentation build workflow (which uses a.o. the method for which I get this StackOverflowError in the testing stage) works just fine.

The gh-actions run for a recent commit is here: sampling ancestral states for profile · arzwa/DeadBird.jl@73a20bd · GitHub

Would anybody have some hints or ideas about what could be going wrong here?

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Thanks a lot, I gave it a first shot, and in the tmate session my tests run fine (executed in the same way as I understand the julia-runtest action executes them). I’ll try digging a bit further…