Getting attribute error: "Unknown property math_fontfamily" from Plots

Hi everyone,

I am trying to plot 3d graphics using Plots in jupyter notebook but everytime I try, I always get the error of unknown property math_fontfamily. I posted a screenshot to show what I mean. Plots work for my 2d graphs.

I tried reupdating Plots via Pkg.add(“Plots”) but still doesn’t work.

Would appreciate tips on how to fix this! Thanks

Do you need matplotlib? Can you use another backend, such as GR?

How do I try those things? Also GR is the default backend and the documentation says it is capable of 3d plotting: Backends · Plots

Yes, plot3d() and other 3D plotting functions such as surface() work with GR. But your traceback shows that you’re trying to use matplotlib (and looks like you have an anaconda distribution). Try executing gr(), which will set your backend to GRbackend.

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Ah, this works thank you so much!