getpid(p::Process) - which julia version will come with this feature?

Hi there,

I found that open topic/request

`getpid(p::Process)` should exist · Issue #4752 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

and I ask me and now you which julia version will support this feature?

Thx for reading.

There seem to be good first issue label. It means you can decide yourself when it is implemented. This is open source thus anyone, including you, can contribute.

There’s even a mostly working PR. If someone wants to finish it, they can.

Thx for answering.

This means for me not in the moment and maybe never.
Till someone capable is coming along who needs it too and can finish it.

Well, I’m happy as beginner if I get code running despite the missing examples in the docu what is often not fun. But I like the speediness if done. So just started with Julialang and try to get a feeling for it.

I think my role is limited to bring this feature request up to audience again. Therefore should I let this question open even if it is already answered?

You are the best expert to write the missing examples. When you will figure something out, please won’t forget to give back and contribute.

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Never seems unlikely. Someone just needs to want this feature enough to finish that PR.

AFAIK technically, topics on this forum are not “closed” explicitly, so the question remains open.

I guess that

just needs someone to dust it off and merge, the problem is that usual suspects are very busy. I would imagine that the stopping time for this is almost surely < \infty, but who knows when it will happen.

If this is important to you, consider learning how to do this; the setup cost is relatively large but it will pay off later.

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Is there an example for doing something similar, which I can follow to see how one is doing that?

< lifetime is enough :wink:

In the meantime and for any others who needs this and cannot wait/dedusting the run() command is your friend as always:

run(`ps -options args`)

a little filtering and done!

What about an examplethon on a Friday in the future? Creating a list with all nonexampled functions/others where any participant can pick up one, write an example/explanation, than you put them back into the docs and BOOM, it will be a bit more fun to code for any newcomer like me.
I will participate on such an event, look through my code and give examples.

What do you think @Tero_Frondelius and others?

There are some examples on the net. For some general Git introduction, I would recommend the first 3 chapters of the Pro Git book.

Thx. How about to get these ccall functions to work like in
Access to system process IDs via a Process.

For the julia code: Maybe I do not understand github right. I’m stucked some steps before/between. If I clone a repo and change desired code lines, how to test this on my machine?
Or more accurate, which steps have to be done to test it. Pls consider I’m a newbie on that field :wink: