Generation of plots in julia

whenever i am trying to generate a plot, the plot is able to generate but its not popping/showing up
attached below is an example. kindly help me out as i am new to julia

julia> fig, (ax1,ax2) = plt.subplots(ncols = 2, figsize = (14, 4))
Python: (<Figure size 1400x400 with 2 Axes>, array([AxesSubplot:, AxesSubplot:], dtype=object))

Can you turn this into a working example? Which plotting package are you using?

its not working with either pyplot or matplotlib that i am using right now

That’s why I asked for an MWE - what do you mean by “either pyplot or matplotlib”? PyPlot.jl is an interface to pyplot.matplotlib so this is the same thing.

Without a minimal, not working example we cannot help you.

Well, it is not working for him, so asking for a minimal working example might be misleading…