GCP.jl - Google Cloud Platform APIs / BigQuery

GCP.jl provides a Google Cloud Platform BigQuery API client and the ability to auto-generate new client APIs from Google’s discovery service. This is a 100% Julia implementation not reliant on command line installation of Google Cloud SDK or Python 2 (which Google Cloud SDK requires).

BigQuery API is generated, functional and tested for getting data in and out of the BigQuery service. Compare to GBP, GoogleCloud and GoogleCloudObjectStores.

GCP.jl is available from the official Julia package registry.

Example usage

using GCP
using GCP.Bigquery

CredentialFilename = expanduser("~/secrets/your-project.json")

p = GCP.Project(CredentialFilename, ["cloud-platform"])
dataset = Bigquery.Dataset()
dataset.datasetReference = Bigquery.DatasetReference()
dataset.datasetReference.datasetId = "your-dataset"
res = p.bigquery.datasets.insert(dataset)

@info res

Why? This is an itch I needed to scratch. For anyone who needs BigQuery access, or needs to generate further Google SDKs, I hope this will help you. At the time of writing 251 more APIs might be generated.