Gamedev with GLMakie (the path less taken). Is it possible?

You might be interested in this project: I Created a 2D Platformer With Julia! (Download link) + An Update On JulGame. Note also on that page the links to a potential upcoming Julia Jam which could be nice to meet other like-minded people.

That being said, it really depends on what your aim is for game development.

If you want to have fun with a new language and are happy if the result is something unique but very limited. Then you can have fun with Julia (and probably the same with Nim). Make sure to have a very small game idea and keep it realistic. It’s much more fun to make a small 2D geometry racer rather than failing at a 3D game.

However, Julia is not a practical choice at the moment for game development. Games require a lot of tools (IO, sound, graphics, content, design, …) and there are not many game dev-specific tools available in Julia.

Nim seems a bit easier in that regard, as it is closer to C/C++ and hence you get more direct access to some libraries like SDL2 etc.

Something like C++ or directly the language related to a gaming engine (Gadot, Unreal Engine, etc) would allow you to make more impressive games.

As you said you look for a language to call home. Learning a statically compiled language (Nim, C++, Zig, …) is a good base, also for understanding Julia.

For distributing: There is PackageCompiler.jl for making a binary, but for this to work the Julia code needs to be designed from the beginning to be sufficiently compatible. It is possible, but not nearly as easy as in a compiled language.

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