Future directions of Julia

It would be so great if one could combine Makie with Gtk. I am doing this right now with Winston.jl, which works ok but Winston.jl lacks quite some plots. Isn’t there a Cairo backend within Makie.jl? Then it would be easy to combine them.

There is, but it’s not been written with interactivity in mind. At least I only put care into making good 2D vector graphics when I started improving the package, I don’t know what Simon had in mind

Yes, Matlab only had proper support for absolute layout until a couple of years ago, so guis looked terrible. You could easily make something that worked, but it was an eyesore.

No both are completely free and open source.
Note that in .NET 5 Xamarin forms is renamed to MAUI https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/introducing-net-multi-platform-app-ui/.
But personally I still think that Uno is the better way to go.

For another option for a modern cross-platform GUI solution: check out Flutter https://flutter.dev/.
iOS/Android,web, desktop (windows,mac,Linux) even Xbox via UWP. pretty sweet :wink:


(am i the only one, we had discussions like this before?)

At work i have matlab available. I played with the App designer today - this is how it should be: GUI design and code editing inplace, also very simple way to ‘package app’. I’m convinced that (apart from intereference/compilation delay) everything could be done manually or mixed with external tools in julia at the same level of End-GUI performance, but the integrated tooling is just impressive.

The uno thing looks nice from usability perspective, trying to integrate julia code might be closer to impossible (as no C-API is available).

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Racket that was already mentioned before is very good with creating quick and clean GUI interfaces as well:

Maybe it’s possible to make something like Flutter but completely in Julia, sharing some code with Pluto.jl.

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Didn’t know you were also an Amigan!
I was one since 1985, went to all of the Amiga Developer’s Conferences, knew all of the Amiga team and the Amiga community. Wonderful times!

In Matlab, you are still left with a relatively slow GUI compared to what I just made with Makie and the Observables. Getting additional elements in there like dialog boxes, text input, file selection, maybe some dials would go a long way.

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