Functions in @distributed for do not work

I use Julia 1.0.2 on Atom. I’m trying to parallel my loop and there is a problem which I don’t understand. Parallel loops work great without functions inside. Also program work great on 1 worker with functions. And completely failed with functions. My test example:


As result I get LoadError: On worker 2:
UndefVarError: #fparall not defined:

It work on 1 worker or works in parallel without function. How should I define it?

I found similar problem here Julia 1.0 Example of @distributed and pmap but solution didn’t work.

Try @everywhere include("funkparallel.jl") to make the function definition (which I presume is in that file?) available on all worker processes.

Relevant docs for the Distributed stdlib are here

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Thanks, work! Sorry for such stupid questions, but sometimes documentation is as russians say: “one need half litre of vodka to understand”.
I hope that I find more relevant examples soon =)

Glad it worked, I’ll be sure to try the half liter vodka approach next time I’m unsure about the docs!

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