Function change

this is the function. x is a 4 dim arrays. y is 2 dim arrays.
i want to push data with size of batchsize to data arrays.
however the error says that cget isn’t defined. so do you
know the function names that cget changed to.

function minibatch(x, y, batchsize)
    data = Any[]
    #for i=1:batchsize:ccount(x)-batchsize+1
    for i=1:batchsize:size(x,4)-batchsize+1
        push!(data, (cget(x,i:j), cget(y,i:j)))
    return data

the following is error information

ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: cget not defined

please quote your code, post an MWE

You should post a minimum working example. I tried your code with julia 0.7 and 0.6 and I got the same error that you post: cget is not defined. Clearly something is missing from your code snippet, possible import of an external package.