Fresh install failed to build GR

I just installed the latest version of Julia (1.9.2) on a windows machine, which has version 1.7.3 already installed. I ran the new version of Julia and immediately installed Pluto, Plots, and a few other packages. Plots failed to build because GR failed to build, returning this error message:

Building GR → `C:\Users\********\.julia\scratchspaces\44cfe95a-1eb2-52ea-b672-e2afdf69b78f\1185d50c5c90ec7c0784af7f8d0d1a600750dc4d\build.log`
ERROR: Error building `GR`:
[ Info: Downloading pre-compiled GR 0.49.0 Windows binary
ERROR: LoadError: IOError: could not spawn `'C:\Users\********\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia-1.9.2\bin\..\libexec/7z' x downloads/gr-0.49.0-Windows-x86_64.tar.gz -y`: no such file or directory (ENOENT)
 [1] _spawn_primitive(file::String, cmd::Cmd, stdio::Vector{Union{RawFD, Base.Libc.WindowsRawSocket, IO}})
   @ Base .\process.jl:128
 [2] #760
   @ .\process.jl:139 [inlined]
 [3] setup_stdios(f::Base.var"#760#761"{Cmd}, stdios::Vector{Union{RawFD, Base.Libc.WindowsRawSocket, IO}})
   @ Base .\process.jl:223
 [4] _spawn
   @ .\process.jl:138 [inlined]
 [5] _spawn
   @ .\process.jl:133 [inlined]
 [6] success(cmd::Cmd)
   @ Base .\process.jl:536
 [7] top-level scope
   @ C:\Users\********\.julia\packages\GR\cRdXQ\deps\build.jl:128
 [8] include(fname::String)
   @ Base.MainInclude .\client.jl:478
 [9] top-level scope
   @ none:5
in expression starting at C:\Users\********\.julia\packages\GR\cRdXQ\deps\build.jl:74

It seems to be similar to this issue: Plots/GR broken after updating Pluto dependencies
I did not find the discussion on that thread very helpful.

I tried updating GR to no effect. I then followed the suggestion of this SO thread (delete the directory General in ~/.julia/registries/General), and it worked. I am raising this issue here because something seems to be broken in the setup process that I followed.

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