Fresh Arch Linux install: UndefVarError: backend not defined

I just created a new Arch Linux install, and while on my old Arch Linux install my Julia scripts run fine, on this fresh install this one keeps returning the error:

UndefVarError: backend not defined

 [1] pygui(::Bool) at /home/fusion809/.julia/packages/PyPlot/XHEG0/src/init.jl:221
 [2] top-level scope at /data/GitHub/mine/math/julia-scripts/SLE/airy-linear.jl:21
 [3] macro expansion at ./util.jl:175 [inlined]
 [4] top-level scope at ./In[7]:1

Naturally, you may be asking whether it’s a missing dependency issue, which was my first thought too. But I have:

  • python-matplotlib
  • python-pyqt5
  • python-gobject
  • qt5

installed, I also have this ~/.matplotlibrc file:        : serif
font.serif         : Times, Palatino, New Century Schoolbook, Bookman, Computer Modern Roman
font.sans-serif    : Helvetica, Avant Garde, Computer Modern Sans serif
font.cursive       : Zapf Chancery
font.monospace     : Courier, Computer Modern Typewriter

text.usetex        : true

. If it is relevant, I am trying to execute this Julia script through JupyterLab (i.e. I have a cell in JupyterLab that runs: @time include("airy-linear.jl")). Any one have any ideas how I can rectify this issue? I am stumped at this point.

Oops, never mind. I just had to restart JupyterLab in order for newly installed packages (the ones I listed) to fix the issue I had.