Forbid Pkg to try and download artifact from outside world?

I just managed to add an artifact to one of my packages, however while attempting that I had some address issues to my local storage. This resulted in Pkg errors during instantiate.

The error prompted that Pkg tried to download the artifact from
Given that my artifacts are limited to a local network, is there a way to restrict that behavior e.g. by adding something about the Platform in the artifact description ?
Also why is Pkg attempting to reach a domain that is not referenced in the Artifacts.toml ?

My Artifacts.toml looks like the following (1 artifact / 1 rule)

arch = "x86_64"
git-tree-sha1 = "<artifacthash>"
os = "windows"

    sha256 = "<artifactdownloadhash>"
    url = "<artifactlocalurl>"
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