For web scrapers masters


This week Nature’s images has one, among others (the sleeping Elephants is so sweet) that is truly spectacular. I’ll call it the Van Gogh’s paddlers. But, damn it, the browsers manage to prevent us from saving the pictures. I can ofc do screen-captures but is there a way to scrap the image directly?

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On Firefox, f12 and looking for all media?

I tried Firefox and looking into “Page Source” but no images almost no images referenced. Also tried to search cache but couldn’t find, but damn it if I see the image it must be in my computer. Or is in memory only?

@joa-quim, see very easy instructions here using Chrome.

Then copy the webp addresss link to a new web page and from there save as jpg.

Thanks, with that I was able to build the Paddlers address too.

Thanks Rafael, there must be a way to do that with Firefox too (I refuse to let Chrome install in my computers) but for now I got the image, which BTW is same quality as with some ~random clicking manage to select the image in Firefox, copy it to clipboard and save it on disk.