Flux.Dense() => format not accepted


Till recently, I was using the Dense call below with no problems:

Flux.Dense( 3920 => 10, relu )

At present, under Flux v0.13.5, the following error comes up:

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching Dense(::Pair{Int64, Int64}, ::typeof(relu))
Closest candidates are:
Dense(::M, ::Any) where M<:(AbstractMatrix{T} where T) at /home/ciro/.julia/packages/Flux/7nTyc/src/layers/basic.jl:127
Dense(::M, ::Any, ::F) where {M<:(AbstractMatrix{T} where T), F} at /home/ciro/.julia/packages/Flux/7nTyc/src/layers/basic.jl:127

The below call, however, works:

Flux.Dense(3920, 10, relu)

Thanks in advance for advising, as the documentation apparently indicates the first call as valid:

Dense(in => out, σ=identity; bias=true, init=glorot_uniform)
Dense(W::AbstractMatrix, [bias, σ])

This most likely indicates you have an older version of Flux. Or perhaps have upgraded while it was running, or something like that? This notation was in v0.13.0 (the first release under new management).

Refreshing Flux installation has fixed the issue. Thanks.