Flush stdout from workers

I am running simulations in parallel processes that take many hours to run, so I print the number of replications to keep track of the progress. Here is a MWE:

# test.jl
using Distributed

@everywhere function simulate(n)
    for i in 1:n
        # flush(stdout)
    return 0

function simulate_parallel(n)
    wrkrs = workers()
    nwrkrs = length(wrkrs)
    futures = Vector{Future}(undef,nwrkrs)
    for (i,w) in enumerate(wrkrs)
        futures[i] = @spawnat w simulate(n/nwrkrs)

    results = Vector{Int}(undef,nwrkrs)
    for i in 1:nwrkrs
        results[i] = fetch(futures[i])

    return results

@time simulate_parallel(30)

So far everything works as expected if I run the file in the REPL or as a script. Sometimes I run a batch of simulations overnight and redirect the output to log files because I want to see how long it took to run each file and if any errors occurred. So I run a batch file that looks like this (I am using Windows):

julia test.jl > log1.txt 2>&1
julia test.jl > log2.txt 2>&1

The 2>&1 means that both stdout and stderr are redirected to the log file.

The problem I have is that the output does not flush to the file (flush(stdout) has no effect in my simulate function), so I have no idea how far along the simulation is for hours. Is there anyway to force flush every time a workers prints?