Fixing aspect ratio and viewing angle of 3D plots using Plots.jl

Hi, I’m trying out the various backends available for Plots.jl.

I’m looking for the functions to set the viewing angle and aspect ratios for plot3d() plots.

  • With gr and pyplot, the plots come out sqashed.
  • With glvisualize and plotlyjs, the plots are not squashed, but I wish to programmatically set the viewing angle.

Also, things like title!(...) don’t appear to work with GLVisualize. Is this expected at this point in its development?




did you find a way to set the viewing angle?

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I’m pretty sure you can’t do that :-/

How do you generate figures for publication in that case? Rotate by hand? Use directly PyPlot?

Yes, rotate by hand.

That seems rather unfortunate for reproducibility. Is that a limitation of the backends?

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No, it could be implemented - it’s just that noone has come around to it yet:


Ideally, someone who would find this feature really useful could try and give it a shot? :slight_smile:

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It is now available: