Find out which state(s) cause convergence problems

I am solving various non-linear graph flow problems with OrdinaryDiffEq, with the states representing storages on the nodes. As the number of states can be quite large, it would be nice to have tooling to find out which states cause bottlenecks for stability/convergence, so that the graph can be adjusted accordingly. Is there a nice way available to do this?

Deltares/Ribasim: Water resources modeling (


If you print the EEst it would be clear. I don’t know if we expose a debugging tool on that but that’s the easiest way to do it.

Thanks, is that integrator.EEst? Because that is a scalar in my cases

You want the atmp that generates it prior to reduction. But it’s algorithm-dependent and in the internals, so use at your own risk. We should expose it better in the future.