Find index of all occurences of a string


Hey guys!

Say I have a string like:


Then I want to find the index of what corresponds to “aaa” so I would expect to find something like:

index = [1:3,7:9,13:15]

I know that “findfirst” exists and I could just make a subfunction utilizing this, just wondered if there was an easier approach.

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Suggestion: findall to work on strings

One option would be to use a regular expression. You can provide a third argument to match() instructing the search to start from a particular position in the string, which you can use to find sequential matches like so:

julia> pattern = r"aaa" # the r"" prefix makes this a regular expression

julia> target = "aaabbbaaabbbaaabbb"

julia> m = match(pattern, target)

julia> m.offset

julia> m = match(pattern, target, m.offset + 1)

julia> m.offset

julia> m = match(pattern, target, m.offset + 1)

julia> m.offset
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Thanks, now I can try benchmarking both functions, I will have to make a for loop it seems, if my keyword appears multiple times.

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Yup, exactly :slightly_smiling_face:


In theory findall("aaa", "aaabbbaaabbbaaabbb") should probably do what you request. That would be consistent with findfirst and friends. Feel free to file a feature request.


Will do so tomorrow, I also wondered why it didn’t.

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I think it used to, or there was some similar function that did. There was a major refactor of search and find* functions before the release of 1.0, you’ll probably find something about this in that issue or related PRs.


How about using eachmatch ? (I guess it’s a natural next step from @rdeits’s suggestion)

julia> s  = "aaabbbaaabbbaaabbb"
julia> range(m::RegexMatch) = m.offset .+ (0:length(m.match)-1)
julia> [range(e) for e ∈ eachmatch(r"aaa", s)]

Edit: if done over characters that may not have length one, you’d have to adjust range to something like 0:prevind(m.match, lastindex(m.match))