Find in an array of custom structs if we have an element with a specific field value or not

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Is there a neat way to find whether, in an array of custom structs, we have an entry with a specific field value or not (outputs as true or false)?

For example, consider the following example. I have a custom struct defined as follows:

struct MyStruct
    i::Int64 # corresponds to index i ∈ [-1:3]
    j::Int64 # corresponds to index j ∈ [-1:3]
    k::Int64 # corresponds to index k ∈ [0:3]

And I have the following array of this custom struct MyStruct.

A = MyStruct[
MyStruct(0, 2, 0), 
MyStruct(2, 0, 0), 
MyStruct(2, 3, 0), 
MyStruct(0, 2, 1), 
MyStruct(2, 0, 1), 
MyStruct(2, 3, 1), 
MyStruct(0, 2, 2), 
MyStruct(2, 0, 2), 
MyStruct(2, 3, 2)]

As we can see, for any element of the form MyStruct(i,j,k) of A, MyStruct(i,j,k).k never takes the value 3, but takes the value 0,1, and 2. Is there a way to do this programmatically for large arrays of MyStructs, whether in the array of custom structs a specific field value (such as k == 3) appears or not (outputs as true or false) in the entries?

findfirst returns Nothing if it finds nothing or the first index.
To find all indices: findall

julia> findall(x -> x.k == 2, A)
3-element Vector{Int64}:
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That was a great solution, thanks @oheil !

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An alternative, that outputs the required true or false:

any(x -> x.k == 3, A)

Nice and fast, here is a similar one too:

any(s.k==3 for s in A)