FileIO in 0.7

In 0.7, if I call using FileIO, I get WARNING: using in module Main conflicts with an existing identifier. Has this been deprecated? Is there something I am supposed to be using instead?

I don’t think so - when I do

(v1.0) pkg> add FileIO

julia> using FileIO

everything loads normally without any messages. Maybe another using conflicts with FileIO?

I use FileIO regularly on 1.0 and have not seen the warning. Just in case, you should probably do up FileIO.

I guess It gives this warning on v0.7 because there the deprecated is still exported (for deprecation warning).
On v1.0 that has been changed to Base.@info so there is no conflict anymore.

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So I should just ignore this, and when I eventually migrate to 1.0, this will go away?

Well the 1.0 dosn’t give warnings for depracated stuff. If the maintainers of FileIO don’t fix this, eventually your code might break since later versions 1.x might remove deprecated functions.

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It seems FileIO used to add new method to for julia <= v0.6. Since this function was removed from Base, they defined their own function info and exported it.
On julia v0.7 is exported solely for deprecation warning and collapses with it.
So you can safely use it for julia v1.x (and v0.7 with an annoying warning)