Feeding solver parameters as a dictionary

I’d like to set solver parameters not manually but by just passing a dictionary and unpacking the keys and arguments using the splat operator. When I tried doing this: fRAN = Model(solver = GurobiSolver(parameters...))

I got the following error.
ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching Gurobi.GurobiSolver(::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any}, ::Pair{Symbol,Any})

Can these parameters be configured in an elegant manner?


PS: I’m still using JuMP 0.18, Julia 0.6.3

Why not just use tuples instead? They are supposed to be holders for function arguments.

I’m still using JuMP 0.18, Julia 0.6.3

Update to the latest version, then use

model = Model(Gurobi.Optimizer)
for (key, val) in dict
    set_optimizer_attribute(model, key, val)