FastAPI alternative in Julia

I recently came across which looks really cool. I was wondering if there is a similar project in Julia with similar ambitions? I’m aware of Genie and Mux et. al. which are quite nice and do their jobs well. However, they seem more general and would require quite a bit of code to reproduce the FastAPI project. If there is nothing I will try to build something myself, and if so is Genie the way to go or should I start from the HTTP package? Any advice is welcomed. :blush:


As far as I remember, Genie is more focused on rich features rather than speed. If high performance is what attracts you in FastAPI, I’d suggest starting a new project based on HTTP.jl (maybe even patches to it will be needed).

Personally I’m quite interesting in high speed HTTP framework in Julia since existing solutions in other languages are either slow (e.g. Python’s Flask, FastAPI itself is fast, but comes with slow host language which limits applicability), have terrible API (akka-http in Scala, one of the worst things that have ever happened to me) or turn to be quite verbose for any non-trivial project (e.g. Vert.x in Java).

So if you are going to start a new project focused on high performance and nice API, please call me to the party!

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