Export Vegalite Plot with Basic Interactivity

After having opened a Vegalite plot in a compatible window, without having written any interactivity code, there is basic interactivity in the form of hovering over a piece causing information to pop up. If you save this plot in some file format, this basic interactivity is not saved with it.

What is the most straightforward (and easiest) way to save the plot to a file with the basic interactivity intact?

Then, if possible, may it be opened with a mere browser?

I think your only option right now is to save it as a *.vegalite file. That can then be opened in JupyterLab and you should get interactivity.

We really should add an option to export as an HTML file. Could you maybe open an issue on the repo for that feature request?

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Thank you. I hope to do that at the earliest opportunity.

And thank you for the work, by the way.

Edit: I suddenly noticed the existence of this: https://github.com/queryverse/VegaLite.jl/issues/184

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