Exponential equation solver?

Is there a Julia package can solve exponential equations such as 4^x + 6^x == 9^x?

sympy can’t do this and I looked at Symbolics but I don’t think that can either.

You can open an issue for Symbolics to one day do this, but I don’t think this is possible today. Today, doing it numerically with NonlinearSolve.jl is how I’d do it.

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I have opened an issue. It really seems a shame if there is nothing to compete with sympy currently.

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Is there any symbolic-algebra software that can solve this kind of equation (symbolically)? It seems like the sort of thing that won’t generally have a closed-form solution?

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exponential equations · Issue #764 · JuliaSymbolics/Symbolics.jl · GitHub mentions


Wolfram Alpha and Symbolab can solve it quite happily. I don’t know if there are any open source libraries that can though.

I imagine most exponential equations do not conveniently convert into a single-variable polynomial equation, unlike the one you shared.

If you have some resources on standard techniques to use to efficiently detect whether your exponential equation can be converted like that, do mention it in the feature request issues on github. That would make it quite a bit more probable that someone would try to tackle them.

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